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Chocolate, it’s always about chocolate! I love it, I cannot live without it, can you? Name one person that doesn’t like chocolate, and I’ll try to convince him or her to change their mind, I promise. And I guess, my mission will fail only in case you are suffering from a rare disease that won’t allow you eating chocolate.

Alright, let’s leave our differences apart at this time. Let me tell you about a gift basket store that offers only chocolate. I’ve found and explored plenty of gift baskets stores up until now. They were offering chocolate gift baskets, along with other items but this one is almost only about chocolate, and a lower amount of cookies, cakes, cupcakes and some others. And that’s a great advantage for those like me.

My main mission is not telling you about the order and delivery process, it was fine here, in fact, so you don’t need to worry about it. I would like to talk about the structure of this website and point out some helpful tips and tools that might save you time and money while searching through it.

The first thing you should know about is the fact that this company works with 474 different chocolate vendors, so you’ll have a lot of choices here. However, they may not be able to ship some of their items to the destination you’ve chosen. So before placing an order, make sure that you ask their customer support for details.

If you are sending a gift basket to a person in the US, just enter the required ZIP code, and you’ll easily find out whether your order qualifies for free shipping and what kind of items could be sent there for free. The thing is that they have a limited amount of sellers who offer free shipping, so not every item you choose could be sent for free.

They could personalize almost any gift you wish. I said almost just because when you choose the section Personalized on their top menu, the search button shows a “380 Personalized Chocolate products found” message. I am not sure whether this is their entire assortment.

If sending a gift basket is an issue for you, i.e. you are not sure about that person’s preferences, then send them a gift card – to an amount starting from $10 to $500. A Gift Card is a great opportunity to show a person that you care and also leave him/her the possibility to choose their own gift. This sounds fair, isn’t it? By the way, since a gift card expires one year after the purchase, it is not necessary for them to use it immediately. Then can take their time and choose what’s best for them. Such gift card could be sent via U.S. mail or e-mail.

I could continue telling about this website a whole day long but that could be too boring. So I will try to sum up:
In case you do not want to look through their entire assortment (as it is huge), you could always sort their items by best sellers, customer rating (ordering a gift basket based on those reviews), fast shipping, a specific promotion, by price – low to high, and vice versa.

You could always sign up for their newsletter to receive a $5 gift certificate on first purchase – although I’ve never received one even though I signed up.

Overall, this is an easy to navigate, user –friendly website with a lot of chocolate delicacies from all over the United States, from different manufacturers. They deliver to 22 countries worldwide, accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal, a similar item could be sent to 2 recipients at a time.

The prices are a bit high but the assortment and their customer service make this chocolate place the best for me. I would recommend it to anyone who is as mad about chocolate as I am.

Good luck and have a great time shopping!

Nancy, the Giftbasket Advisor

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